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Group Members

Jacob Kitson (2010-2011)
T J Evans (2011)

Joe Kitson (2010-2011)

Jonathan Epley (2010)
David Mann (2011)

Statement Of Faith Trio (2010-2011)


Jacob Kitson left Greater Vision in early 2010 to become an evangelist. As part of his new ministry, he formed the Statement Of Faith Trio along with his brother Joe Kitson and friend Jonathan Epley. One of their first concerts was opening for Jacob's former group Greater Vision at a concert in Michigan.

Group changes were quite common during the short history of the Statement Of Faith Trio. Jonathan Epley left after a few months. Jacob Kitson left in early 2011. Both members were replaced, but the group eventually ceased to exist as the Statement Of Faith Trio upon the departure of Joe Kitson in late 2011. After that, remaining members David Mann (former brother-in-law to the Kitsons) and TJ Evans formed the Promise Trio, a name they had used intermittently following Jacob's departure.


2010 Statement Of Faith (Custom Records/SOFTCD1001): I Enjoy The Trip; Shall We Gather At The River; Even Now; Come Dirty, Leave Clean; Keep Keeping On; Resist The Devil, Draw Nigh To God; I Knew It Was Him; Back To Grace; Masterpiece Of Mercy; Thy Holy Word. (Jacob Kitson, Joe, Kitson, Jonathan Epley).

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Page last modified on October 05, 2017, at 08:21 PM EST