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Joey Wilson (2000-Present)

Gene Hamman (2000-Present)

Kevin Minnick (2000-2010)
Nathan Potts (2010-2015)
Aaron Swain (2015-Present)

Wesley Allen (2000-2002)
Joe Brinkley (2002-2011)
Tim Williams (2011-2013)
KC Armstrong (2013-2019)
George Thomas (2019)
Bink Mooney (2019-present)

Aaron Fields (2012-2017)

The PromisedLand Quartet (2000-Present)

The PromisedLand Quartet is a traditional quartet from Edinburg, Virginia, that was formed in 2000 by Gene Hamman, Joey Wilson, Kevin Minnick and Wesley Allen, with the initial goal of only touring locally on weekends, but have expanded to national level. They are noted for being the first quartet job for notable Southern Gospel blogger Aaron Swain, who joined them as their baritone in 2015.


20?? A New Thing (Vocal Den): We'll Soon Be Done With Troubles And Trials; I'm Going Home With Jesus; Jesus Saves; Gonna Walk; I Believe; I've Got That Old Time Religion Instrumental; When They Ring Those Golden Bells; They're Getting Ready In Glory To Crown The King; We're Almost Home; Steppin' Out; Revival; A New Thing.

2016 The 15 Project (Vocal Den): Brand New Heart?; I'm Looking For The Savior; When We Crown Him King?; When I Make It To The Other Side; It's Not So Hard To Praise Him; God Hath Raised Him From The Dead?; Here For Now?; The First Day Of Heaven?; He Carried The Cross For Me; War?; In The Morning; Rejoice; Child Of God; One Of These Days; The Sinner?; When Men Pray? (Joey, Gene, Aaron, KC).

20?? I Love That Music (Chapel Valley): I Love That Music?; You Can't Bring Me Down; Forever; Stay The Course; Walking 'Cross The Sea?; A Sinner Like Me?; The Shepherd; The Climb; In God We Trust; We Will Not Fail (Joey, Gene, Aaron, KC).

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Page last modified on September 13, 2019, at 12:35 AM EST