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Stamps Baxter Quartet Tenor (19??-1953)

Rangers Quartet Tenor (1953-1956)

Gene Moss (June 1919-March 1958)


Gene Moss sang tenor for the Stamps Baxter Quartet and the Rangers Quartet.

Gene Moss was born in East Texas in June of 1919. While still a baby, the Moss family moved to West Texas where Gene learned the life of a farm and ranch hand. He soon began to exhibit a pitch-perfect talent for singing the a cappella hymns of the Church of Christ. He also enjoyed the radio quartets of that era, particularly the varius Stamps and Stamps-Baxter affiliated groups.

After attending a Stamps-Baxter singing school, Gene auditioned for the Stamps-Baxter Quartet, where he immediately became their tenor vocalist. He held that position until 1953 when he joined the Rangers Quartet. After staying with the Rangers until 1956, Moss returned to work at the Stamps-Baxter Music and Printing Company until his death in March of 1958.

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Page last modified on August 07, 2017, at 11:45 PM EST