Dwight Brock

Dwight Moody Brock (1907 - 1988)


Dwight Brock was one of the first pianists to accompany a Southern Gospel Quartet when he joined the original Stamps Quartet in 1927. Mr. Brock had a long and distinguished career in Southern Gospel as a musician, songwriter, and publisher. His sister was Lena "Mom" Speer, matriarch of the Speer Family.

Brock was playing piano in a drugstore when a member of the Frank Stamps Quartet named Otis Echols discovered him. With the endorsement of Echols, Brock became a member of the group. This was the beginning of what became the traditional male quartet format: four singers plus a piano player. In the past, one of the singers had typically pulled double duty as the accompaniment either on piano or guitar.

Brock’s talent and showmanship elevated the pianist to a more prominent role. He is credited as being the first pianist to add “turnarounds” between verses. He played for various Stamps quartets in the 1920s and 1930s. He also worked for the Stamps Baxter Music Company and eventually became President of the company.

Brock was with the Stamps when they first recorded “Give The World A Smile,” a song J. D. Sumner would revive years later when he began to manage the group. Brock also performed with the Vaughan Radio Quartet and the Watchmen.


Piano Roll Of Honor Hall Of Fame (1996)
SGMA Hall Of Fame (2003)

Songwriter's Résumé

(Partial List)

Glory On That Morning
He Is God
Shoutin' Happy
When We Meet To Part No More

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