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Matt Hagee (2011-present)

Aaron Crabb (2011-2014)
Casey Rivers (2015-present)

Michael Sykes (2011-2013)
Shane McConnell (2013-2014)
Ryan Seaton (2015-2016)
Gordon Mote (2017-present)

Tim Duncan (2011-present)

Gordon Mote (2017-present)

Canton Junction (2011-Present)


Canton Junction formed in 2011 at Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas. Tenor Matt Hagee, lead Aaron Crabb and baritone Michael Sykes were already affiliated with the church when the group was launched. They were joined by Tim Duncan at bass to complete the quartet. Crabb also continued to perform at select events in a duet format with his wife Amanda during the time period when was singing with Canton Junction.

The first project released by Canton Junction in 2012 was a self-titled double-CD. Oddly, that CD was pulled from circulation after a few months. A second CD titled Show Me Your Way featuring eleven of the same tracks along with three newly recorded songs was released in 2013. Between the two CDs, Michael Sykes left Canton Junction to form Goodman Revival with his wife Tanya. Sykes was replaced by Shane McConnell at the baritone slot.

In late 2014 after launching a new church in Hendersonville, TN, Aaron Crabb announced he was leaving Canton Junction. Casey Rivers and Ryan Seaton replaced Crabb and McConnell respectively in early 2015. Seaton would stay until the fall of 2016. Gordon Mote joined Canton Junction as a vocalist in 2017.


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Page last modified on June 13, 2017, at 09:44 PM EST