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Group Members

Matthew Browder (1990-Present)
Sonya Browder (2005-Present)
David Browder (1990-Present)
Tommy Browder (1990-Present)

The Browders (1990 - Present)


2008 Be A Light (Custom Records): Stand Up For Jesus; Be A Light; From A Poor Boy To A King's Kid; Waitin' On My Change; More Than Three Nails; Search For The Old Paths; My First Love; God's Appointed Time; I've Got A Mansion; Bless His Name. (Tommy, Matthew, Sonya, David).

2009 The Message (Custom Records). Dream; Message Of The Cross; Cast The First Stone; I Am So Blessed; Man I Am Today; Stepping Stones; Land Of No Goodbyes; Praise You In This Valley; I've Got A Friend; From A Poor Boy To A King's Kid; I'm Not My Own; Fall On My Knees. (Matthew, Sonya, David, Tommy).

2010 You Asked For It (Custom Records): Homecoming Day; In The Garden; Glory To His Name; Lighthouse; Amazing Grace; Belshazzar; He's Wonderful; I Saw The Light (instrumental); Heart Will Never Break Again; Tell It Like It Is. (David, Sonya, Matthew, Tommy).

2012 A Collection Of Hits (Custom Records): Put It Into God's Hands; Be A Light; Stand Up For Jesus; Land Of No Goodbyes; King's Kids; Waitin' On My Change; Message Of The Cross; Nothing Can Hold Me Here; Tell It Like It Is; No Place To Quit. (David, Sonya, Matthew, Tommy).

2013 Time Machine (Daywind Records): Lift Up His Name; He Is Alive; Time Machine; Listening For The Shout; He Took The Nails; Whatever You're Going Through; God Knows What's Best; Pick Me Up; The Reason; New Song?; Waiting For You To Get Home. (David, Sonya, Matthew, Tommy).

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Page last modified on May 12, 2018, at 03:53 PM EST